Expedition “Easy Elsie” 2011

A very interesting expedition will be done to the crash site of the British Lancaster bomber, who crashed at Porjus, the 29th oct 1944.

The "Easy Elsie" Lanchaster bomber was one of 37 Lancaster bombers on mission to sink the German battleship Tirpitz in Norway 1944.

Only one Lancaster bomber did not return after the mission to base, and that was "Easy Elsie". She was hit by German flak guns onboard Tirpitz when they where trying to drop bombs on the Tirpitz battleship.
One enginee on "Easy Elsie" was blown away and she take several hits in the fuselage, so she lost a lot of fuel, but manage to fly to Sweden where she chrash-landed. The radio was hit under the attack of Tirpitz, so the crew was unable to communicate with other Lancaster bombers and the air base in Lossiemouth,Scotland.

There are a lot of information on internet to read about this plane an her crew. The Pilot of "Easy Elise" D.W Carey family, his wife and two sons was visiting the crash site in 1993 .

This little expedition is trying to be QRV from the "Easy Elsie", and this will be the first transmission on HF ever,
from the plane since the 29 th oct, 1944.

The last radio communication from the plane was when she split from the formation of the squadron trying to bomb the Tirpitz battleship. I have studied photos of and drawings of the plane, and I have located the radio operators place close to the cockpit. So i will be trying to take place in the remainings of the cockpit and transmitt from that position.

Hope to hear you on the HF band from "Easy Elsie" in 2011

The expedition will use the special callsign SG2SNF for this activation. More info at QRZ.com.

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