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International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (ILLW)

Soon it’s time for the ILLW activity on 15-16 of august 2009.
I will be activating the “Jaevre (Piteå) Skags” lighthouse. SE0042.

I will be active on 80/40/20 and 15 meter band.
The antennas vill be an INV. V for use at 80-15 meters. And a vertical antenna for 20 meter. If possible i will also try to have QSO in PSK-31 mode.

This lighthouse is designed by Nils Gustav Von Heidentsam at 1871.
The lighthouse was originally placed at Skags Udde. There it was in sevice untill 1957, when it was replaced by a new lighthouse. It was then moved to Jaevre (Jävre in swedish) in 1960´s and is now an historical monument. Many tourist are visiting this lighthouse. There is also a big parking lot for campers close to the lighthouse and the marina in Jävre. There are also possible to rent the “lighthouse keepers” cabin for living for a small amount. The lighthouse is open for tourism every day between 1 June to 31 of august, 08.00 - 20.00.

If you are a user of Google Earth, you will find the lighthouse position right here.

For more information about time and frequency’s that will be used during this event, come back to this site later. I will update this site with useful information further on.

Best 73´s from SM2TOS, Richard.


Information for Javre (Piteå) Skags udde
Lat: 65° 8'35.11"N
Long: 21°30'27.76"O

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