2012-04-10 Expedition to Lancaster bomber “Easy Elsie”

The web site for the upcoming event at the crashed Lancaster bomber Easy Elsie are finished.
For more information you go here:

If this interests you, follow us the web site above.

73 de SM2TOS


Welcome to my home page on internet. Hope you have a pleasant time on my site, and I hope you find something interesting to read here. I am still building this site, and it will grow as time goes by. sYou will find some useful links, pictures from my mobile/portable expeditions and other fun stuff.

The radio to the upper right is the radio I use from time to time. It’s an
Kenwood TS-120V (the 10 watt version,QRP). According to it’s age it still works fine on the bands. It does not have the WARC bands. But it gives me good reports and audio quality is great in this old rig.

But now I have upgraded my shack with an Yaesu FT-857. It’s perfect to carry
around out in the woods and on expeditions. So it┤s my new friend right now.
And for the moment I’m saving some money to buy a new HF rig to use as a base station.

73 and hope to meet you on the HF!

Richard - SM2TOS / SE2A / 7S2AC

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