2014-07-17 In memory of the crash 70 years ago

We are some amateurs who will visit Easy Elsie soon for an event at the lancaster, and to be active on the HF bands. We hope to get as many contacts as possible from England and Scotland that weekend . Please help out and spread the word about our upcoming activity up at Porjus in autumn 2014. More information when date will be set will come soon.



Our friend Patrick SA2BDO has made a nice little video from our expedition to Easy Elsie. Also available on Youtube ........




Now there's a new uploaded photo albums with photos from SE2EE expedition 2012. It was a fun adventure that has made its mark and evolved in a direction we do not themselves have foreseen. So you will hear of more forward summer 2013 what is going to happen.
But please come back here and look to see what is going on. All contacts have been examined and the QSL card is on its way to you



2012-06-20 Expedition at Easy Elsie is over...

The expedition is over for now. We thank all visitors to the website, as well as those who visited us "live" out in the swamp. And many thanks to our sponsors Fiskflyg & Royal Air Force Museum.

We will complete photos, videos, and write a story about our adventure. It will be posted on the website shortly. The crew thank you for all the nice contacts and wishes for an enjoyable expedition. 73´s from the crew at Easy Elsie 2012.

2012-06-15 Visitors at Easy Elsie...

We will get some visitors out on the bog on Saturday & Sunday!That we look forward to! We will listen to 2m on 145.550 for those who want to get in touch with us. Anyone who is willing and able is welcome!

2012-06-15 The English celebrate with us...

We celebrate with the British when they run MOTA (Museums On The Air). And a special beer have been prepared for our expedition up to the Lancaster bomber Easy Elsie :-))


2012-06-15 frequencies....

The frequencies that we will use during the expedition, see the "frequencies". We will use the amateur bands that are "open" during the day. We will be using Twitter for quick info on the frequencies which we are currently using. Follow Twitter flow!

2012-06-15 The group is gathered for the expedition

Now is the group gathered up in the cabin and prepare for tomorrow. We will load the helicopter full of equipment when we arrive at Porjus in the early morning . We expect to be QRV just after 10:00 and then we use whatever batteries and generators are capable of.

2012-06-14 Easy Elsie last flight

Has made a "virtual" flight from the base in Lossiemouth, Scotland. Follow through Google Earth the easy Elsie's last flight, from start to crash. Download KML file and select the track "1944 Easy Elsie last flight." Click "play" button to play the route. You can set your preferred settings for height, etc. in the "properties" for the track. You can also play faster using menu that pops up when the track plays. Of course this is not the correct route, but still a sense of how it could have been. Enjoy! 1944 Easy loading Elsie flight



2012-06-10 Important information!

About updates on the web site. Please “reload”, the web site if you haven’t been visiting the web site for some time. I have noticed that some functions will not work properly if you don’t reload the page in your browser.

73 de SM2TOS - Richard

2012-06-10 Not only HF transmissions....

I have received requests to be QRV not only on the HF bands. There are those amateurs who do not have, or may put up antennas on their QTH. I have been in contact with some English amateurs at CQ100. And they would be happy to get a "QSO" from Easy Elsie. CQ100 is not "real" radio, but some may appreciate it anyway. Like the Echolink for those who use it. I should at least try to run both CQ100 & Echolink. But CQ100 is secondary, and when I have time. Check out the CQ100 and the frequency 14 250. Listen for the call sign SM2TOS.
Please look at the website for more information in real time when we are in place.


2012-06-10 Live cams on Easy Elsie chrash site...

I have now updated the page for the cameras out on the marsh. Four "cameras" that is, cell phones with video capability and the software Bambuser will be used. It will be varied live broadcasts, but also recording video clips from the expedition. Watch this page!

2012-06-10 Live chat.....

Tests a "live chat" on the website.  Do you see the user se2ee online, it's one of us that are online. If you have questions, feel free to ask them.

2012-06-03 SE2EE in our amateur radio magazine - QTC

The expedition SE2EE in an article in our magazine QTC. It was nice that we could get some info in the QTC magazine for our expedition to Easy Elsie.  Many thanks to the editor Jonas Ytterman on QTC magazine for this.  I have made these pages in PDF for those interested (only Swedish!) We are also mentioned in RAFARS newsletter for June



2012-05-18 Duxford Radio Society

An interesting place to visit.Here is their radio station GB2IWM that I had the great honor to have a QSO with earlier this year. Look at their restoration of the radio operator's station and navigator location they have done. (Click image)


2012-05-18 Sponsorship from RAF Museum, London.

Many thanks to Frances Galvan & Viv Marple at RAF Museum in London who joined in and helped us with flight suits and accessories. Pictures will come later. Many thanks for your way to sponsor our expedition to Easy Elsie.



2012-04-23 Rune´s CW key has arrived. The “bathtub” key..

Runes CW key has arrived.Rune got hold of the CW key that was used by RAF in the Lancaster bombers. It was called the "bathtub key" for his design's sake. 
Click on the image and listen!

2012-04-23 Power generator for testing

SM2K now have test driven the generator and it works well. Carl is sponsoring us to borrow his generator. We are most grateful. Will soon test the generator under field conditions, with the equipment to be up to the plane.  Must also test solar panels, so we'll see how it works. Report will follow

2012-04-22 Delivery of equipment to Easy Elsie

We received good news that we get help with equipment up to Easy Elsie. We get it delivered by helicopter from Fiskflyg. We thank you very much for your help with equipment!



2012-04-16 Special call sign SE2EE

Today we got the certificate for the special signal SE2EE.
Many thanks to Eric Lund, Call Sign Administrator at SSA. 

2012-04-01 Logbooks finished

Logbooks are complete!One log book per station, it will fit 330 QSOs in the log, so now it's just to fill up with contacts!




2012-03-29 Crew on Easy Elsie 2012

IInterest has been great and we have a full complement crew for the expedition up to the Easy Elsie. What members are you can see under "Crew "

2012-03-28 Webcams

SA2BDO & SM2SXA have organized web cameras with "live feed" to be tested to run for a while. If everything works well, these cameras are mounted up for the "live" broadcast on the crash site. The cameras can be seen under "Activities"

2012-03-27 Flight suits

Proposal for a team that we have the same dress was received with joy. I thought it might be a fun thing that we would dress the same as a modern flight crew. Found online at stores that sell flight suits, so we will order was his overalls and with its emblem.Must contact RAFARS to see if they would like to sponsor us with some nice brands to attach to the flight suit.

Welcome to SE2EE!

Photos from "Easy Elsie" in 2011
The first time a broadcast on shortwave since 1944 was done!

617 badge

Royal Air Force Blazer Badge, 617 Squadron


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Crew 2012.
Inside plane from left: SM2IUF, SM2EKA, SA2AWO, SM2TOS
Front of plane: SA2BDO, SM2SXA

Lancaster NF-920 "Easy Elsie"




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